Monday, 7 December 2009

2008 projector work

2008 projector3
2008 projector2
2008 projector1

These are textile samples from a week block we had last year. It was based on projections and the shadows cast from chosen objects that were placed on an over head projector. I got some really nice photos (below) with them and really enjoyed it.It is a really good way of gaining patterns and ideas.
Used a lot of acetate and layering.My main object to project was a load of different shaped sequence and i think it turned out pretty well! Considering it was only a week long and i was only in for about a day and a half.
Obviously i work better and harder when there is less time.


Think i'd quite like to go back to this and do some more.
Christmas presents?!

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Maurizio Anzeri

I meant to bring up Maurizio Anzeri a while ago but i totally forgot to post about him until now.
A recent visit to my friends house brought back the memories of how much i love him because her flat 
mate is doing something similar with her work just now using embroidery.
He has a lot of other work but my favourite is his embroidered vintage photos and how he manipulates 
the photographs with stitch,making a seemingly sweet and innocent picture something that can appear
quite creepy! 

I actually just LOVE his work. Especially the bottom one, she looks like she has a balaclava on and appears quite threatening but by just seeing the face behind the embroidery you know that she's quite innocent.
I like the initial shock factor of the pieces.

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Lace and all things girlie.

I've been having a look at Cal Lane's work which i think goes quite well with my work that I'm doing just now with my project.
I've been looking at the Victorian Era, and English Romanticism and have been doing a lot of the doilies work...shudder. But more really at lace and old patterns and the "textiles" of then.
Cal Lane uses "manly objects" and cuts out patterns of lace in to them, so to say shortly!
"I like to work as a visual devil’s advocate, using contradiction as a vehicle for finding my way to an empathetic image, an image of opposition that creates a balance - as well as a clash - by comparing and contrasting ideas and materials.This manifested in a series of “Industrial Doilies”, pulling together industrial and domestic life as well as relationships of strong and delicate, masculine and feminine, practical and frivolity, ornament and function. There is also a secondary relationship being explored here, of lace used in religious ceremonies as in weddings, christenings and funerals"

A few of my favourite pieces include her shovels and also her "dirt" work.

Absolutely stunning.

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Mummy I want to be a picture taker.

It really upsets me that you can't see this view anymore from where it was taken, because of "new office space" that really isn't needed.

These pictures where taken a while ago from a friends "balcony" with fond memories of fantastic sunsets and sunrises. And mental parties...

Beloved Glasgow Queen Street.

Needle park  Baxter Park.

Under The Bridge. "I don't ever wanna feel like i did that day.Take me to the place i love"

Which would be a place i love.

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I love this song more than you.

Minimal Time piece.

I honestly couldn't tell you how i came across the site trend hunter but i seem to spend hours trawling the site looking at the amazing and weird things that go on in the world. I came across a Minimalist Timepiece on the front page that someone had written about and i find it fascinating...
It's called Target Clock and it's been designed by Simon Lumb and uses graphics instead of numbers.

You'd need to watch the video below to understand how to actually tell the time on it! It's still a pretty cool wall piece, even if you do find it difficult to tell the time!

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Alvaro Barcala

I've come across Alvaro Barcala's work a few times but i just thought I'd pass it on if you've never heard of him. His stuff has provoked a few "urgh weird" statements from a few friends of mine when I've shown them his work but i really love it.
I like Art that makes your prudish side slightly recoil inside.
I, personally, don't find his stuff shocking, as it's only human genitals after all. Almost childlike illustrations, and even then they are only in some of his drawings.
I am doing well aren't i?!
ANYWAY an great fine artist with amazing detailing. I also really like where he pulls his inspiration from, like his "invisible friend" drawings..."...exposes the innate predisposition children have for being communicated with the invisible and with the magico-religious beliefs. The same predisposition the societies had in Ancient Times."

I love the glowing effect he has produced in these drawings.
Alvaro Barcala has also done some book illustrations which are so so beautifully delicate.

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Friday, 4 December 2009

Self portrait.

I'm not the best at drawing and painting so this was probably about a half an hour job, but i feel it is very me and that's all that really matters.
It was for a self portrait exhibition/competition that we had last year. Obviously i didn't win.

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Construction Fun.

I did this piece last year in my general course, it was a construction week and we could make anything we pleased. I went with taking sayings literally and ended up using the phrase "Three Square Meals".

I used real food that was placed in seaweed jelly that was then placed in ice cube trays to give them the "cube" affect.
I absolutely loved this project, and think it's one of my strongest. Sadly it didn't last the weekend as it rotted *sad*.
I had a lot of ideas with this one, which make me think I'm probably doing the wrong subject...

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That so called "weave" work.

I've got more, but i just need to photograph them. I'll pop them up soon.
I've been told my weave was coming out strongly. Which is a shame because i found it the most boring.
Although having said this, i only got that feed back from friends.
I had an awful meeting with a tutor of mine, to get my grade for this semester, who i've only spoken to about once for 5 minutes at the most. It has to be said, it was sheer torture. He had nothing good or constructive to say about my work. Dick.

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photoshop and sketchbook

This is work from my sketch book. And the bottom one being a photoshop job slightly combining the two.
It has to be said, this project has been my worst so far. I wanted to do it on gothic horror but was told to do it on English romanticism...different ends of the spectrum but i went along with it to please tutors. And i hated every aspect of it. I'm not very confident at the best of times with my work so it was a horrific ordeal but i feel I've had some good things come out of it. Like the pervious mixed media samples, and my to be posted weave work.
I guess we'll see how next term goes.

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Mixed Media

These are samples from my mixed media week, using the embroidery technique on the sewing machine. The circles and stitch have taken inspiration from lace and doilies (oh gosh not them) which I have stitched on to aquafilm then melted it off and have placed them on a very fine muslin cloth.
Mounted awfully, which is something i need to get sorted out.

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p.s. it's meant to be scraggy ends with the cloth!


I already have a "blog" of sorts, but this is my secret one, that i doubt anyone will notice and look at. But it's going to be filled with purely "work" and the odd dash of music that I've been listening to at the time of posting.
So here goes...